Our Story

Servo Socks started from a simple idea that solved a real problem. We took our common passion in building things from scratch whether it be a product, idea or business (or all 3) into something great. As life long friends over 25 years, it was a no brainer to team up and leverage our differences in skills but similarities in personalities to create a great partnership and Make Stuff Move!

Dan Kitchen | Owner/Operator

For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking things apart and building things. Motors, lights, switches, wood, metal…especially the random bits and pieces that were laying around my Dad’s shop.  I was particularly drawn to motors and making things move but pretty much every time I tried to work a motor to add movement into my projects

…whammm I would hit a wall.  

Mounting motors into projects was a flat out pain.  Mounting the motor and especially attaching something to the output shaft seemed to always have me wishing there was just an easier way to use them…

Fast forward a bit (ok fine like 25+ years) after an education in animation and an odd detour into computer software, I was ready to tinker again.  The release of Arduino was the kick I needed. Arduino was amazing, little boards that the kid me would have only dreamed of having access to. I started building and was immediately drawn to making something move and it wasn’t long before I stumbled upon servo motors. I had heard of servos but never really tried them. 

Servos are awesome you can position them, they are powerful for their size and well their size make them tedious to mount.  Then there’s the output shaft, tiny holes, tiny screws and all generally weak compared to the servo’s power.  There had to be a better way?

So after making boxes of little brackets and mounts, I made a sketch. A plastic “sock” you pulled over a servo that let you drive real sized screws into them.  I thought I had it solved but, what about the output? It’s still kind of a pain in the ass and it needs some extra support. So what about a block? A block with a servo centered in it? And what if there were supported discs on either side? and the servo pops in there easy peasy? And what if I could cut, carve, drill, screw…you know modify them to fit whatever I was building? 

Servo Socks!

Jon Edwards | Owner/Operator

I have always taken challenges head-on. No matter what aspect of my life I strive to do the best at it that I can.

I was drawn to sales and after my younger years going through the gamut of “sales 101” jobs, I found a passion for real estate. It had been over 15 years and I have grown from an independent realtor to the owner of my own brokerage with an awesome team of Realtors.

I saw Servo Socks as an amazing new challenge. So I dove in head first to help build this innovative yet simple product from an idea into a business.