Our Mission


STEM/STEAM education is a buzz word floating around a bunch these days. The acronyms list subjects that have been part of the education system for years (Science, Technology, Engineering Math and now Art as well), but it appears that it’s the sum of all in learning more about being creative in technology, programming, and robotics. We happy this is part of the education system but, we feel like there is often a missing piece. This piece is the opportunity to use tools and everyday materials to learn and develop hands-on skills in building and being creative while solving problems.

Although you can learn how to use tools building a shelf, making something that moves is so much more engaging and fun. We believe Servo Socks accommodate this need as we encourage using common materials and tools to solve problems while having fun and being creative.

We also know that with cutbacks in education keeping budgets in check is a must. With our encouragement to use easy to acquire, inexpensive or even free/recycled materials, students can build great things while keeping classroom budgets happy.

We believe in keeping things local. We have made a commitment to creating local jobs by manufacturing Servo Socks in Canada.

Giving Back

We want to help those in our community. A few years back there was a statement we came across saying that of all things, socks are a typically under donated necessity. When we thought of servo socks and chatted about how we could give back the sock need came up again. So we have made a pledge to donate a pair of socks for every servo sock sold!

Get socks, give socks!