Start-up Kit

Welcome to our Maker Space!

Our Start-up kit is the ideal kickstart for anyone who wants to pick up some tools and build with robotics.  The kit includes everything needed to build multiple projects (listed below) and of course, can be used to make your own stuff move! We recommend watching the start-up videos below to cover some of the basics before starting the lessons.


The Lessons

What’s in the Kit

  • Sock IO (Arduino UNO R3 compatible) board
  • Animate Shield
  • Adjustable sound sensor
  • USB to DC 5.5×2.1mm Cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Servo Extension Cables
  • Sensor hook-up cable
  • 15x USB Power bank battery (optional)
  • Servo Sock with 3.8kg/cm positionable servo
  • MultiBit screwdrivers
  • Quickstart Guides
  • Build parts for projects
  • Wood Sticks (x5)
  • Wood Bases
    • Hardware Cases
  • Philips #0 bits
  • 15 x Square #1 bit
  • 5/16″ wrench
  • Pencil
  • Rulers
  • Small build parts for projects
  • Woodscrews, machine screws, nuts, and fasteners


Our kits and projects start out with no coding required. This keeps the initial focus more on hands-on skills.  This also allows you to work anywhere you want without the need for a computer.

The control board provides 3 control knobs, 2 buttons, easy connections, and an RGB pixel.   This combination is pre-coded allowing you to record your servo moves and play them back on a loop to animate your builds. The combo also allows connecting sensors (ie sound, light, pulse) to make stuff move with the sensor’s input. 


Our controller is an Arduino UNO compatible board and shield so, once it’s time to dig into coding we are here to help!

We have recently released a block editor to help make Arduino coding easier. Visit the link below to give it a try