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“The kits helped provide a fun learning opportunity for students. It connected arts and creativity with technology and building! What a great bridge to the future!”


“The thing that I enjoyed most about working with robotics was that it was something that I otherwise would’ve never gotten the chance to do. I also don’t think I would’ve sought something like this out if I was on my own, so I’m really glad that this opportunity was given and I was able to explore something so completely out of my usual interests!”

-Grade 12 Art Student

“I really enjoyed opening the toolbox and looking at all the cool things inside. It was also really fun putting things together and working with my hands, especially since Zoom classes normally are really hard to focus on and feel disconnected from the thing you are learning. It was really awesome to have something right in front of you instead of just a screen” 

-Grade 12 Student

“I created three separate projects with my Grade 5 son! The process supported his learning and while providing room for his creativity and development! A super experience!”


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Mount servo motors using common hardware, materials and tools

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