We bridge a gap between STEAM and Trades education.

Our kits help build practical hands-on skills and knowledge with common tools, materials, hardware and electronics.

Built For Anywhere

  • Built for classrooms, maker spaces or anywhere you want to learn
  • Computers are not required! You can code once ready
  • Provide opportunities to use real tools and materials to develop hands-on skills
  • Kits are available with everything needed, lessons and batteries included!
  • We offer to work with educators to help provide a great experience for students and teachers.
  • Fits well for a variety of classrooms including STEM/STEAM, Art, Science, Woodshop, Robotics, Technology, Math and more!
  • Great for Virtual Learning

We encourage having fun learning

…and teaching!

Often, kits require diving immediately into too many facets of robotics and coding. Our kits start with easy-to-use, no computer required learning.

Tools Required

At the beginner level, our kits require only a screwdriver and wrench (included). As students grow, basic power tools can be introduced. Once students start gaining access to shop environments, everything from screwdrivers, drills, saws, sanders, routers, CNC equipment and more can be used to get projects really moving!

No Computer… at first

Our platform kits and projects start out as a “no computer”, simple control board focusing more on hands-on engineering.  From the get-go, we wanted to ensure we could offer options allowing students and teachers to work in a variety of classrooms without the need for a computer.  This includes Art, Science, Woodshop, Robotics, STEM/STEAM, Math and more!

That said, our controller is a Arduino compatible board and shield so, once it’s time to dig into coding there are tons of opportunities and resources available.


Individual kits

Our kits range from $90-$140 for everything required to build multiple projects.

Classroom Kits

We can outfit a classroom with everything needed starting at $1000. This has enough stuff for 10-30 students working in groups of 2-3.