STEM is great, and STEM with tools involved is even better.  There is a strong push in education with Robotics and programming. We found a great way to inspire this education while at the same time building confidence in practical hands-on skills with common tools.

Why are Servo Socks such a great fit for classrooms?

  • They are a great introduction to robotics as they focus on movement.
  • They allow for open-ended creativity.
  • They get students using tools to develop hands-on skills.
  • We package them up in ready-to-go curriculum kits.
  • We offer help to teach the teachers through videos and professional development days.

We help teach teachers

Often kits require diving immediately into too many facets of robotics and programming. We focus on a few basics to get everyone having fun learning…and teaching! STEAM education isn’t just new to students, and we are here to help. We can work with schools and school boards to provide training for educators.

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Curriculum Projects with Anti-Kits

We work with you to develop projects to be built with our anti-kits based on the target classroom environment while always keeping your educational benchmarks in mind.   

The Tools Required

At the beginner level, the kits require only a screwdriver, as students grow, a drill can be introduced. As students start gaining access to shop environments, everything from screwdrivers, drills, saws, routers and more can be used to get projects moving!

Here are some examples of what anti-kits can include for different levels of education.

Ages 6+

A basic kits great for introduction, this includes a single servo sock, a controller and the necessary bits and pieces to make some simple projects.

Ages 8+

Another great kit with a little more hands-on building opportunity. The same as the previous kit but with 2 Servo Socks and some extra bits and pieces to make even more movement

Ages 10+

Includes 6 Servo Socks and the computer-based controller allowing students to build and animate their creations using the software and wireless controller. Great for late elementary grades all the way through post-secondary classrooms.

No Computer

Our platform kits and projects start out as a “no computer”, simple control board focusing more on hands-on engineering.  From the get-go, we wanted to ensure we could offer options allowing students and teachers to work in a variety of classrooms without the need for a computer.  This allows Servo Socks to be included in a variety of classrooms including Art, Science, Woodshop, Robotics, STEM/STEAM, Math and more!

Yes Computer

We also offer a “yes computer”, yet still simple controller for classrooms where computers are available. This programmable controller can be used to create animations and the included wireless controller students to control their projects. We also include the No Computer controller as it is a great way to test out the mechanics and engineering of student’s creations before heading to a computer.


With our firm belief that so much can be learned while using regular tools and materials, budgets can be kept in check. We make it easier because we offer just the essentials and the rest are common, easy to acquire inexpensive (or free) materials.

Individual kits

Our kits range from $70-$100 to get started and we offer more advanced kits with even more Servo Socks

The Classroom

We can outfit a classroom with everything needed for under $1000. This has enough stuff for 20-30 students working in groups of 2-3.

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