Sock IO + Animate Shield Kit

$50.00 CAD

This animate control kits includes the same tube of stuff we include in our kits. It comes with our Sock I\O Arduino Compatible controller, animate shield, a sound sensor and cables. The Sock I\O comes pre-programmed with code to run and record servo movement right away!

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  • 1 x Arduino Sock I/O with Animate Shield
  • 1 x Sensor | Sound
  • 2 x Hookup | Male to Female
  • 1 x Hookup | Male to Male
  • 1 x USB to DC Jack 30cm
  • 1 x USB-C Cable for programming


  • Arduino UNO compatible control board with easy header pins for connecting servos and sensors. It also provides 2amps to the power pins which is lots of current.
  • The Animate shield with 3 knobs, 2 buttons, an RGB Led pixel and a voltage regulator converting 5-12v to 5v for powering servos and sensors
  • With the included code you can animate your builds without needing a computer right away