Mobile Maker Centre

$600.00 CAD

Our new Mobile Maker Center is a smaller version of our Mobile Maker Space. It is packaged in a red bin and organized in the same easy-to-repack approach as our Mobile Maker Space


Our start-up kits are the ideal kickstart for anyone who wants to pick up some tools and build with robotics.  The bin comes packed with 5 start-up kits including everything needed to build multiple projects (listed below) and can be used to make your own stuff move! Often used with students working in pairs.

*Includes 5 of our power bank batteries.

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What’s in the Bin

  • Electronics
    • 5 x Sock IO (Arduino UNO R3 compatible) with Animnate Shield
    • 5 x Servo Sock with 3.8kg/cm positionable servo
    • 5 x USB Power bank (battery)
    • 5 x Adjustable sound sensor
  • Cables
    • 5 x USB to DC 5.5×2.1mm Cable
    • 5 x USB-C Cable
    • 5 x Servo Extension Cables
    • 5 x Sensor hook-up cables
  • Tools
    • 5 x MultiBit screwdrivers
    • 5 x Philips #0 bits
    • 5 x Square #1 bits
    • 5 x 5/16″ wrenches
    • 5 x Pencils
    • 5 x Rulers
  • Parts + Hardware
    • 2 x Classroom Hardware Kit (woodscrews, machine screws, nuts and fasteners)
    • 5 x Build Parts (required for lessons)
    • 5 x Wood Sticks (x5)
    • 5 x Wood Bases
  • 5 x Quickstart Guides

Parts and Lessons included

The Control Board

The Sock IO Arduino-compatible controller is paired with our Animate Shield.  The board is even preloaded with code so no computer is required to get stuff going!  The control board provides 3 control knobs, 2 buttons, easy connections, and an RGB pixel.   This combination functions as a controller allowing you to record your servo moves and play them back on a loop to animate your builds. The combo also allows connecting sensors (ie sound, light, pulse) to make stuff move with the sensor’s input.